We started working with Perfect World Ice Cream many years ago when they first launched their healthy ice cream alternative. The first iteration of the responsive website was extremely playful with the branding in design and animation, but after some time in the market they had slightly re-branded and re-packaged their healthy ice cream products. They came back to Pixel Creation to help design and build the new version to be more inline and showcase their wonderful products.

Pwic Mobile

New requirements meant that the site needed to be multilingual in English, Dutch and German coming soon. Along with that, we needed to design and develop a retailer search solution with the client could manage, plus coupon integration. We built the website on our favourite content management system (CMS), Craft CMS. From the CMS, the client can easily manage all of the multilingual content, retailers and more!

Pwic Desktop

“Pixel Creation understood what we wanted straight away and had the technical knowhow to turn it into reality. It’s a very direct relationship with a good degree of flexibility, both important factors in getting the great site we now have.”

Keith Davidson Perfect World Ice Cream