Two Mile Ash Dental Care

Two Mile Ash Dental Practice is a Milton Keynes based friendly, family dental practice. They have been a client of ours for over 10 years and we were happy to redesign the latest version of their website.

The team page, on desktop

We built the new site around one of our favourite content management systems, Perch. It’s so easy for our clients to use and Two Mile Ash Dental Care were adding and editing content within minutes!

The Two Mile Ash Dental Care homepage on mobile
Highlighting the beautiful illustrations on small screens

We worked with an old friend and talented illustrator, Andy Hall on the bespoke illustrations for the site. It was direction that Two Mile Ash Dental Care were not originally sure about but we were convinced it was right for them, so we gave Andy the art direction and then let him work his magic. After a really short period of time the they warmed to the design direction and now love the new website and style.

Showing the little details on the Two Mile Ash Dental Care website, on desktop

Richard redesigned our website with an original and innovative theme. Our new website is easy to navigate your way around, it’s well balanced with content and illustrations . Richard incorporated a sense of fun and professionalism and we’re really pleased with the end result.

Allanna Davis
Practice Manager

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