Teachers Rate Schools

Pixel Creation were asked to create an identity for Teachers Rate Schools and develop a pretty complicated website which would allow users to register, search and view reviews and ratings on schools. The reviews and ratings would written and populated by actual teachers, leaving their own opinions and comments of schools they had taught at.

The Teachers Rate Schools website

The initial website we have designed and developed is in reality a sort of beta version. The full concept for the website was a much larger project than time or budget allowed, plus the primary initial goal was to get teachers using and populating the site with their reviews.

Viewing a school review

The site needed to be build on a powerful, flexible and easy to use content management system (CMS), and Craft was once again the perfect platform. The Teachers Rate Schools teams can content manage just about everything, including the review questions and qualifiers, and even the different content for logged in or non logged in users.

The search results

Creating a responsive design and website that worked across mobile and tablet devices was very important. The site need a review/rating interface that worked on small screens and touch devices and everyone is happy with the outcome. As always ,we paid close to attention to the navigation and readability on different devices including dynamic font sizes.

The navigation on mobile
View a school on mobile

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