Perfect World Ice Cream

Perfect World Ice Cream approached us so we could help design and build their responsive website for their new brand and healthy new ice cream alternative.

Getting ready to locate a retailer on the Perfect World Ice Cream desktop website

Perfect World Ice Cream had just some of their brand elements designed, including their packaging and mascot, ‘Impy’. It’s a really fun design and we wanted to take that and inject the same fun feel into the website. We did this by keeping the overall look and feel really consistent, plus incorporating lots of fun interactions and animations too.

Interactive tables, showing on a smartphone
The website navigation on mobile

We worked closely with the Perfect World team to ensure that this fun style and design carried through on screen sizes of all sizes, so even when viewing the site on mobile or tablet devices you could really capture the fun spirit of the brand and healthy products.

Retailer location results on the Perfect World Ice Cream desktop website

Pixel Creation understood what we wanted straight away and had the technical knowhow to turn it into reality. It’s a very direct relationship with a good degree of flexibility, both important factors in getting the great site we now have

Keith Davidson
Perfect World Ice Cream

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