Carmelo Alessi

Carmelo Alessi Hairdressing is a local salon to us, client and now friend for a number of years. We created the original website but it was long overdue for a new look and build.

The client was looking for a fresh, striking new look for the website but it was clear that their identity didn’t match that so we started the project by creating a simple new logo, which is now in use on the new site and starting to be rolled out within the salon.

We created a new simple and “classy” palette for use on the site which was incorporated with good photography and carefully selected typefaces. We settled on Lust Display (also used in the logo), Leitura News and Montserrat.

The homepage, on desktop

We had some challenging formats to overcome during the project, the pricing table was one. It was large and there wasn’t really another way to display the data and getting it working for small screens like mobile was certainly a test, but everyone was happy with the final result.

The pricing page, on desktop

As standard at Pixel Creation, a ‘mobile first’ approached to the responsive design and build, ensuring a user friendly experience regardless of the users device or screen size.

The responsive navigation, on mobile

The site was developed on Perch, one of our favourite content management systems. It’s so easy to use, the team at Carmelo Alessi were able to start adding and editing content after a minimal training session.

It’s been great to hear that they are getting great feedback and comments on the new brand and website from their customers and users. We like it when everyone’s happy!

Pixel Creation helped us capture the right look, feel and tone of voice we wanted to communicate to our clients. With excellent service and good customer relations I would not hesitate in recommending them to any business with specific needs.

Carmelo Alessi
Carmelo Alessi Hairdressing

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