Photo 366

Photo 366

This is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of years now, but always seem to remember to late! Basically, you take a photograph every day, for one year. This is normally called ‘Photo 365’ or just ‘365’, but 2012 is a leap year so I’ve imaginatively called it ‘Photo 366’.

I know quite a few people who have done this in the past, but a good friend David Hughes is also doing Photo 366 and inspired me to actually participate this year. You can see his 366 blog at

I’ve setup a specific Tumblr blog to host my 366 photos, plus a quick sub-domain of and job done. Well sort of - I have struggled to find a simple photo specific Tumblr theme but have settled (for now) with ‘High Res’ by Jstn. When I get a little more time I’d actually like to make my own Tumblr theme for the site and then maybe sell it, but we’ll have to see how that goes.

I’ve always got my phone on me, currently an iPhone 4S which does have a very good camera. I also have a Nikon D40 which I need to start using more and hoping that this will inspire me to do so. I’d actually quite like to upgrade my DSLR but I can’t justify it at the moment given how little I use it.

The main place I’ll be posting my 366 photos is on my 366 blog (as mentioned), but I’ll also be posting these and many other pictures to Instagram, Flickr and sometimes Twitter.

Here’s my photo from today (day 12), titled ‘This Way’. I hope you enjoy this pic and many more as the year progresses.