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MK Geek Mental Help Night

MK Geek Mental Help Night

For those of you that don’t know, I co-run and organise MK Geek Night with my good friend David. MK Geek Night is a quarterly event in Milton Keynes for the web industry. It’s become a really popular evening with a series of talks from local attendees and some of the best speakers in the industry from around the country, attracting around 200 attendees at each event. But this post is not about our normal event, it’s about mental health…

So, last year at MK Geek Night we hosted a special night on Mental Health, which was a part of Geek Mental Help Week; a successful and significant week-long series of articles, blog posts, podcasts and events across the web highlighting mental health issues within the creative and dev community.

This took a very similar form to our usual Geek Night’s, but with a very different subject. We had some very brave, incredibly personal stories from our wonderful speakers; Gavin Elliot, Sandra Dartnell, Cole Henley and Adam Onishi. We also had a talk from Dr. Clare Symons, who gave us advice on warning signs, strategies and resources.

The other talks were still diverse covering subjects covering burnout, depression, struggling with direction and feeling overwhelmed, and one very personal and emotional talk from Gavin.

The whole room had a different, personal and supportive feel. Everyone starting sharing amongst themselves, talking about their own personal experiences, basically being more open and happily discussing mental health with friends and others they had only just met.

In my opinion, we had achieved something great in this alone. If the event went on to help one person then it was a success, and I’ve no doubt it did.

So I’m very happy that we’re doing it again this year and hosting another event on Thursday October 29th at The Buszy in Milton Keynes.

It’s a free event with more talks on various mental health subjects, including one on ‪austism‬ and how a new group is trying to help promote expertise amongst autism sufferers, one on depersonalisation and another on managing stress and anxiety in the workplace. We’ll be announcing some more soon.

It’s aimed at the creative and tech industry but these subjects are obviously much wider, so if you feel it would benefit yourself, someone else you know, or you’d just like to hear more on the subject then please see more details on our website or register your free ticket.

You can also listen to the 2014 MK Geek Night Mental Help Night talks on our website.