2012, the ‘Bucket List’

I’m not really one for ‘New Years Resolutions’, mainly because I never stick to them, but there are certainly a few things I’d like to do, or change in 2012. So I’ve decided to set myself a few goals, or targets for the year, some work and others for pleasure etc. So here they are in no specific order:

  1. Reinstate my blog/journal and actually do some writing. This is something that I’ve now actually implemented and you’re seeing the result of that here - hope you’ll come back in future to see what else I’ve been rambling on about!
  2. Photo 366. This just a little photography project which entails taking a new photo every day for a whole year, and this one is a leap year so my project and photo blog is imaginatively title ‘Photo 366’. You can view it on my dedicated blog site and read more about it here.
  3. See more live music. I love listening to music, it’s something that I generally do for at least 8 hours a day during the week. What I love more is seeing live music and this is something that I’ve never done loads of, but I certainly didn’t do enough of it during 2011. I will remedy that this year and have made a start by booking tickets to see ‘Little Dragon’ in February. I’ve only really got into them in the last year but really enjoying their music. Now I need to get some more gigs lined up.
  4. Complete a 100 cycle ride for fun or in a sportive. I’ve always loved cycling and have been mountain biking (mainly XC) for at least five years now. I’ve done a couple of small events but it’s mainly just for fun, riding with mates up our local woods (Brickhill/Woburn) and occassionally further afield, like Wales. Unofrtunately about 18 months ago I completely ruptured ACL and did some other damage to my knee playing a 6-a-side football match. This put me out for a long time and I had to have an op in April last year. One thing that I was encouraged to do for recovery was cycle, initially on a trainer and then on the road. To do this I got myself a lovely road bike (Trek Madone 4.7) and have slowly been clocking up some miles. The furthest I’ve ridden so far is about 46 miles so this will be a challenge, but hey, that’s what this is all about! You can follow by cycling exploits and progress on Strava.
  5. Shake up my business. I’ve been running Pixel Creation for over 8 years now and although I don’t want to start taking on employees etc, I do want to change a little about how I do business and find work. I’m not really going into any detail on this one as I’m not sure what the best route or method is yet, but I”m sure I’ll report back when I do.

That’s it for now and if you’ve got this far then I thank you. I’m not great a writing but I’ll hopefully improve over the year. I’ll posting updates of my progress and hopefully not of my lack of this.