I’m Richard Wiggins

I’m Richard, a web and digital designer with over 17 years of commercial experience in the industry. I’ve acquired a broad range of skills and best practices in web development, but also heavily focussed on visual design and user experience, paying attention to the smallest details. I was also an early adopter and advocate of responsive web design and have been designing and developing websites and apps for phones, tablets, along with traditional desktop computers for many years. If you want to see my random rants, design, cycling and geeky tweets, you can follow me on the Twitters.

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The Team. What’s with the ‘we’?

Staying small and independent has always been a conscious decision as I love and thrive on the personal experience, so much so that a lot of my clients have now become good friends. I’ve never wanted to employ full-time staff, I like it simple and hands on and have always wanted to stay dynamic and independent. So basically there’s nobody else ‘in-house’ but I regularly collaborate on projects with my friends and trusted network. If you need a copywriter, illustrator, app developer, or if the project requires something that I personally can’t handle, I’ll still have it covered. Hence the ‘we’.

The Pixel Creation studio

MK Geek Night

After regularly attending conferences and meetups around the country I decided it was time that Milton Keynes had something, so back in 2012 I started Milton Keynes Geek Night with my good friend, David Hughes. MK Geek Night is a free quarterly event for the creative industries.

In addition to being a networking and social event we’ve brought some of the best speakers in our industries to the events creating a mini-conference in an evening. We’re both very proud that MK Geek Night has turned into such a huge success, with around 200 attendees at every event and tickets usually ‘selling out’ within thirty minutes of release. We were also a Net Award finalist but sadly didn’t win - buy us a beer and we’ll tell you all about it ;)

Photo of the MK Geek Night All Dayer, taken by Al Power

MK Geek Night All Dayer

In January 2014 we ran our first full day conference: the Milton Keynes Geek Night All Dayer. The event was a huge success with incredible feedback from the attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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